Uli Colombi

Master of Marine Art



Even as a small boy, I always drew ships all over the place. Even in my maths- and latin-books there were straining tugs and yachts beating against the sea. Proud passenger liners crossed endless oceans captured on newspapers, menus and even programming manuals. Ships, ships, ships ... and yes, the sea ... these were and still are my primary passion. My professional career was crafted accordingly: from sailor to architect, to ship builder: always drawing. Then came lithography and the first tentative steps in the direction of painting, via colored pencils, chalk and water-colours on paper, acrylic painting on cardboard and finally canvas ... 


So much for me, at the end of the day, this homepage is about my paintings, and it’s well known that a painting should speak for itself. 


As for the portraits, for the most part portraits of ships from a past time, I’ve tried to represent them as accurately as possible. The mode of representation is also supposed to be a historical document, depicting an instant in the life of a ship. Yes, the ships had a life – without doubt.


At least, those ships that were built before the end of the twentieth century Well anyway ...


with the course of time I have noticed that my way of showing the ships has changed, albeit almost unperceivably. 


With each picture you will find notes relating to the techniques used, the size and year of creation, as well as notes about the ship itself.

 All the paintings you see on this site are for sale , the price range varies between 1 500.- and 4 000.- swiss francs, paintings unframed.

Of course, I also create paintings to order, so if you have a portrait of your yacht, your passenger liner, tanker  or tug in your mind, well, this is the moment to get in touch with me..... 


This homepage has been laid out to focus specifically on art galleries and museums. After all, I’m always looking for chances to exhibit!